Fundraising event 2017 (DRC – Kinshasa)

Following our event in October 2017, the fundraising allowed us to gather resources to allow the start of an ambitious action plan for 2018.

Grâce à la générosité d’une famille belge, un de nos orphelins, Isaac, est désormais entièrement parrainé pour ses frais de scolarité pour 2017-2018.

Parrainage de Isaac par la famille belge

This action plan allowed from November 2017 to regularize the schooling of 2 previous years, for the 5 children we care for: Daniel, Antoinette, Maria, Bénédicte, Isaac.

We also strengthened the team on the spot: the ” Cercle de l’Espoir Dunia – Kinshasa section” team is structured, organized and based on outstanding expertise, skills and human abilities. Our local team is made up of project coordinators, psychologists, educators, nurses, doctors, retirees, and the entire work of these people is done on a volunteer basis, which is to be emphasized.

Thanks to the generosity of a Belgian family, one of our orphans, Isaac, is now fully sponsored for his 2017-2018 school fees.

In March 2018, we had to intervene urgently to take care of Daniel, who was in a worrying state and was suffering from cerebral malaria.

Thanks to your donations from this collection, the local team was able to quickly save the life of Daniel, whose vital prognosis had been committed.The financial resources made available will also be devoted soon for the on-site sending of school and educational materials.

Daniel était dans un état inquiétant et souffrait de la malaria cérébrale

Daniel en revalidation sur son lit d’hôpital, Kinshasa

Isaac, est désormais entièrement parrainé pour ses frais de scolarité pour 2017-2018.

Reprise de la scolarisation de Isaac, Institut de Masala, Kinshasa

A mission scheduled for July / August 2018 will study the feasibility of setting up a permanent reception facility for children and adolescents in difficulty. Indeed, currently children are placed in low-income

host families, this does not allow their development and development. This reception facility would allow daily supervision and medical monitoring and a lifestyle program. The final realization of such a structure will be in the medium term, but a gradual implementation, in stages, is envisaged.

This structure would be created solely through your participation.

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