Nice success for the 2019 fundraising party

Our association is based on the loyalty commitment of our members and supporters. On October 19, we organized our second fund-raising event, after the initial release of 2017. The objectives of this successful evening were to present our projects and activities over the past months, to raise public awareness of our actions and to encourage generosity, and finally to have a good time of conviviality.

The evening was a great success: One hundred people present, a satisfactory meal formula, a magnificent fashion show (creation: Ellen Wasteels), splendid raffle of presents that delighted the many winners, and a great atmosphere put together by our Ecuadorian dancer and our animator Axel Van Exter. Thanks to the beautiful recipe for the raffle and the many donations received, we will be able to continue our projects for the next 12 months. Thank you all!




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