Our foster home has become a reality since April 2022!

During the year 2021, despite the difficulties linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to organize the children’s school activities, supervise them at school and medical level. With the help of host families, the team of volunteers on site, now structured in the form of ‘CED-Kinshasa’, has succeeded in demonstrating capacities for resilience, solidarity, mobilization and hope to succeed. their assignments.

All these efforts have borne fruit since as part of the mission organized in April 2022, we are proud to announce that the multipurpose foster home enter is now operational: a house, located in the Masina district in Kinshasa has been rented, renovated and equipped to accommodate our volunteers and beneficiaries.

This house will gradually be the place for the development of income-generating activities. The proposed model is intended to be financially self-sufficient and self-managed, i.e. supported locally by our team of volunteers.

The original partnership between civil society actors in the North and the South is based on a structure of dynamic and competent volunteers, and on methodological, educational, and financial support from the North, which allows us to bring together all the ingredients necessary for the success of this project.

This center will be:

  • A place of safety, serenity, and evolution
  • A place of interpersonal, intercultural & intergenerational dialogue
  • A place favoring interpersonal links between children, host families, volunteers from the South and volunteers from the North
  • A place promoting autonomy
  • A place allowing young people to develop their autonomy and flourish, which is ultimately the best way to avoid the trap of assistantship.
  • A place allowing daily supervision, medical follow-up and a lifestyle programme.

Below we offer some illustrations of the new multipurpose house, following its recent inauguration.

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