Who are we?

This first meeting in summer 2011 was the anchor of the work of our association

This first meeting in summer 2011 was the anchor of the work of our association


The association Cercle de l’Espoir – Dunia (CED) is an organization under Belgian law, created in the form of an ASBL (Non-Profit Association), in accordance with the Belgian Law of June 27, 1921, by a belgo-congolese couple, aiming at investing in concrete achievements in the field.

The association’s mission is the development of education and health for children and teenagers in developing countries, with a priority on Africa and in particular the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


Our vision is to contribute to the reduction of inequalities and poverty in developing countries through the establishment of light structures for access to health and education and the development of autonomous social entrepreneurship. With strong local anchorage.

In particular, we are targeting extremely poor countries, where there is a huge social, educational and health deficit, but where it is possible to overcome these deficiencies by restarting at the bottom of the scale initiatives, local and targeted.

With Hope.

On the basis of projects already implemented starting in 2010 with few resources, we want to better frame the new initiatives through a more rigorous approach and better follow-up, as well as more resources. We wish, however, to maintain a light and humane structure based on mutual trust, field-proven results and the maintenance of family-type interpersonal relationships, thus avoiding falling into the trap of “humanitarian business”.

This is precisely what differentiates us from other associations.

The association Cercle de l’Espoir – Dunia (CED) has for objectives in its missions, in particular:

  • Supporting the education needs of children and adolescents through teacher training, coaching and provision of school supplies
  • Provide material and psychological assistance for people with disabilities in disadvantaged families, with respect for human dignity
  • Developing supports for health education
  • Organize training sessions on hygiene
  • Organize the promotion and development of traditional alternative medicine
  • Preventing sexual violence
  • Ensure the social follow-up of families of children and adolescents supported by the association
  • Support the economic activities resulting from the projects, enabling families to have the necessary resources for schooling and health care for children and adolescents
  • Contribute to the self-empowerment of the people helped, to put it back on the socio-economic circuit and to get these people and their relatives out of the economic and social dependency
  • Finally, to meet emergency material needs when the need arises in times of crisis, such as natural disasters or armed conflict.
Nous trouver : CED asbl  rue des Mésanges Bleues, 58 - 1420 Braine-l'Alleud -  Belgium  

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