Being healthy contributes to academic success

In addition to the family environment and school support, we realized that health costs related to illnesses and accidents for children and teenagers were not covered.

Since 2018, we have structured the management of health expenses (hospitalization and outpatient costs) when the emergency warrants, especially for Boaneige, Ophniel and Daniel, who have each suffered from malaria and typhoid fever to severe degrees, and for Maria (malaria and intestinal parasitosis) more recently.

These health care costs are urgently needed and generate stress for everyone, since remote payment of hospital and healthcare costs is complex to manage in a hurry, mainly because of the intermediaries and the difficulties involved like communication.

Remember that for most cases for health centers in the DRC (hospital, clinic, dispensary, pharmacy, etc.), medical expenses are to be paid immediately and ‘in cash’ before any intervention, and not afterwards as in Europe. It should also be remembered that no basic medical coverage structure is planned, whether through a public health insurance fund coverage (non-existent or rudimentary) or through a private insurance one (prohibitive tariffs).

Lastly, we would like to carry out regular health checkups (annual medical checkups) in the future to reduce the risks of these emergencies and act better in a preventive role.

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