Partners visit one of the families of children with disabilities in Kinsenso (DRC)

Partners visit one of the families of children with disabilities in Kinsenso (DRC)

During the preparations for the first mission to the DRC in 2011 (see Kalamu project), members of the Cercle de l’Espoir – Dunia (CED) association found that in the slums of Kinshasa, a significant number of children and adolescents, mostly orphaned or left to their own devices, suffer from mental or physical disability not taken care of by childcare facilities as we know in Europe.

These children suffer more from the eyes of others and are often even rejected by their own family.

The Cercle de l’Espoir – Dunia (CED) association initiated as early as 2013 one-time assistance for a dozen handicapped children, by raising awareness on the ground with families and providing moral support to children with disabilities. This assistance was limited to visits to families and primary support. This is supported by the local NGO CIFDH / H, which works in the social sector in Kinshasa and which has as volunteers staff members some social workers, educators, psychologists and medical staff.

Through the exchanges undertaken with these actors in the field of the association CIFDH / H, all volunteers, the problem of physical and sexual violence against women in poor suburbs of Kinshasa was also highlighted. Considerable work remains to be done in this area as well. Contacts were made with local associations in the field, lacking resources.

This experience made it possible to understand the needs, to initiate some initiatives and to understand what means would be necessary to fulfill these heavy missions, all of which are long-term.

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