Cercle de l’Espoir - Dunia in preparation for field mission to Kinkole Hospital, N'Sele (DRC)

Cercle de l’Espoir – Dunia in preparation for field mission to Kinkole Hospital, N’Sele (DRC)

Goal was securing electrical equipment of an big hospital, in the suburb of RDC capital Kinshasa.

Project was run end 2013, thanks to the partnership of Energy Assistance as VACCI-PLUS program (Rotary clubs) as main contractor.

General Referral Hospital (HGR) Kinkolé is located in a crowded area, that counts over more 20.000 inhabitants potentially impacted by this realization.

The VACCI-PLUS program, supported by the Rotary Clubs for Development, is spread over several years and is to continue the rehabilitation of the General Referral Hospital (HGR) Kinkole located in N’Sele area in the outskirts of Kinshasa. It is also to make the autonomous local staff.

Project has been entirely funded and leaded by Energy Assistance.

Cercle de l’Espoir – Dunia (CED) contributed by assisting Energy Assistance team, enabling close collaboration with local people, namely with key hospital leaders, officials, and with key technical responsibles from the National Grid company (SNEL).

At the request of VACCI-PLUS program, the Energy Assistance Mission consisted of the rehabilitation of critical electrical equipment in the hospital.

Several field visits, conducted between May 2011 and March 2012 were used to verify and supplement needs, and in agreement with the Vacci-Plus (Rotary Belgium), it was agreed to target interventions to 4 goals :

  • Stabilize the voltage for part of the equipment of the HGR, so as not to damage the sensitive medical equipment to voltage changes, and install a cabinet (main switchboard) from the secondary circuits in a specially equipped cabin beside HT cabin SNEL;
  • Ensure the continuity of the power supply by a backup system for the services identified as highly susceptible to power outages: the 2 operating theaters (general surgery service and gynecology and obstetrics service) and maternity;
  • Repeat the installation general tables for 4 existing secondary circuits as well as 2 new emergency loads;
  • Train local technical staff for maintenance of electrical installations

The mission was finally held in November 2013, and 3 volunteers from Energy Assistance, achieved the following facilities :

  • Installation of regulators / low voltage stabilizers
  • Making a backup circuit for ultra-sensitive services by a system “no-break” + batteries (3000 W rescued fashion with 1h autonomy)
  • Installation of new electrical cabinets
  • Installation of new underground power cables between the cabin and the laundry and radiological Pavilion
  • Cabin placing a new main switchboard and replacing the binding of clinical transformer
  • Wiring circuits to the laundry room and the radiology pavilion, whose equipment.

In the end, although some problems remain after Mission (voltage deviations, implementation radiology equipment), it was a successful mission, but complex due to the coordination between different stakeholders.

Officials VACCI-PLUS program are generally very satisfied with the intervention of Energy Assistance experts, to show an excerpt of the message of Mr. Pierre Schoonheydt,

President of Rotary Clubs for Development:

Generosity is probably the most beautiful expression of our humanity. And when the technical skills and know-how of the men realized, it is the height.

I was kept informed every day of the intervention of your colleagues Kinkolé General Hospital; I can say they have done a great job there and high quality, with a sense of dedication and a fantastic personal involvement.

Also, I thank you from my heart personally and on behalf of our NGO, and each of GDF SUEZ stakeholders to this example of efficient humanity.

I beg you to convey these thanks and congratulations to the employees affected by this realization and the direction of your group.


Finally, project leader Olivier Callebaut also want to thank Dominique Keser, Xavier Delnoy, Jean-Benoit Debaisieux, staff ORES, Michel de Ligne, Eric Timsonet, responsible for coordinating Air Transport for the Office of the Minister of Defence, and his wife Livina Lianza Callebaut from Cercle de l’Espoir – Dunia (CED) and his parents, and other diverse and varied kingpins for their effective contribution to this wonderful project !

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